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Columbia Center for the Active Life of Minority Elders (CALME)
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

This project enables researchers to help narrow, and perhaps eliminate, the gaps in health status and care that exist between minority elders and the rest of the elderly population. The project is directed by Drs. Raphael Lantigua and Barry Gurland.

  Basic and Biomolecular Aspects of Aging Program
  Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Mood Disorders
  Columbia Center for the Active Life of Minority Elders (CALME)
  Cornell Applied Geriatrics Research Institute (CAGRI)
  Geriatrics Outcomes Research Program
  Neurogeriatrics Research Program
  Stroud Center for Studies of Quality of Life
  Taub Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
  Unit for Gerontological Design
  Unit for the Study of Domestic Violence and Crime Against the Elderly
  Unit for the Study of Older Patient-Physician Communication
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